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Hand-Dug Exterior Waterproofing System


The exterior of the home is excavated all the way to the bottom of the footer.


Interior Full-Footer Drain Tile System


Our Interior Drain Tile system is a complete solution to control and prevent seepage.


Our Nationally Known Baseboard System


This system can be installed inside the basement to stop water problems fast.



  • Active water leaks near the basement floor indicate problems with drain tile and surface drainage.
  • Active water leaks higher on the wall usually indicate a surface water drainage problem or a broken drain or supply line. A problem with window or door flashing, windowsills, a roof leak, or brick veneer could also cause a leak on a basement wall.
  • Efflorescence or salt stains indicate that water is pushing through the masonry surface and depositing these white or tan salt stains.
  • Water stains, damp spots, mildew, and chipping/ splintering of masonry indicate that water is pushing through the masonry.
  • Dampness, odor, mold, mildew, and condensation indicate that water is pushing through surfaces or leaking into the structure. High levels of moisture in basement air can also cause these problems.
  • Wood rot, wood movement, and stains on wood and drywall indicate leaks and moisture behind finishes
  • Cracks and wall movement may indicate an unstable foundation wall caused by drainage problems.
  • Damp walls and floors with a dry sump pump crock indicate a drain tile or sump pump problem.
  • Roots in the sump crock indicate a potentially serious drain tile blockage and drainage problem.


Start with a Free Basement Inspection

There are many other ways water can enter a basement, as well. The key to waterproofing your basement starts with properly diagnosing the source of the problem. Basement De-Watering Systems of Ohio offers a free inspection and estimate by a trained and experienced Basement Advisor as the first step in basement waterproofing. Click this link to contact us and set up an appointment.


What are the benefits to having a dry basement?

Just a few reasons are:

  • an easier-to-sell home
  • increased home value
  • more dry storage area
  • more quality living space
  • an opportunity to remodel or add...
  • a quality workshop area
  • a spacious play area for the children
  • an out-of-the-way pantry area
  • a recreation/family room
  • an extra bathroom or bedroom
  • a hobby room or fitness gym

How to choose a waterproofing company

All Waterproofing Companies are not alike!


At certain times of the year there are lots of people clamoring to "sell you basement water proofing." The main problem is how to compare the different companies competing for your business. Here are some questions to ask:


1) How long has the company been In business? Why risk your money with people who may be here today and gone tomorrow?

2) What is the Company's Performance Record?

3) What is their technical procedure?

4) What is their level of professional competence?

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